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About the Author

Mike Kowis is no ordinary author…

Offroad Racing!


  • Stands 6 foot, nothin’ (and probably weighs a little more than I should)
  • Born and raised in Southeast Texas (translation: might be a little bit redneck)
  • Proud Christian (but far from perfect)
  • Hobbies include racing offroad vehicles (ATVs & Side by Sides), cooking, traveling, taking my old dogs to the vet, and watching live stand-up comedy every chance I get
  • Married (up) to a beautiful woman for about 2 decades now (I’m a lucky man)
  • Father of 2 rambunctious high school kids (Lord help me!) plus Duke (10 y.o. Black Lab) and Buddy (12 y.o. Beagle)



  • ADJUNCT FACULTY for 15 years and counting at a large Community College in Texas (taught Business Law Classes & Corporate Tax Classes)
  • TAX LAWYER for 20 years and counting (makes me feel OLD to say that out loud)
  • Got myself a “FANCY EJUMACATION” at Stephen F. Austin (Bachelor’s Degree), Thurgood Marshall School of Law (1st Law Degree), and Georgetown University Law Center (2nd Law Degree in Tax Law), and
  • Now you can add TWO AWARD-WINNING BOOKS to the list (Engaging College Students & 14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book…Yee haw!)


  • May 18, 2017 – Nonfiction Authors Association (Houston Chapter) / Topic: First Time Nonfiction Author Tips for Success


Check out my recent guest appearance on this VLOG (video log) to discuss my two books and self-publishing advice for aspiring authors… YouTube Vid


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