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  • Winner (Education/Academic category) of the 2017 International Book Awards
  • Bronze Medal Winner (Non-fiction Education genre) of the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards
  • Medalist Winner (Education Category) of the 2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing

  • Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review recipient on Jan. 29, 2017


“The book is just as phenomenal as the author’s classes are. It is a great depiction of the way he facilitates his student’s learning environment. I have learned priceless interpersonal skills, and extremely valuable knowledge from this professor/writer. While the information is geared towards engaging college students, it can also be used from any other business related perspective with a little tweaking here and there. A high-five and two thumbs WAY up!!” – Jon via on 09/08/2017


“This was an excellent book that offered many wonderful tips about how to keep college students engaged. I will definitely implement many of the suggestions presented in this book. It was definitely an inspiration to see and read all of the positive and even the negative comments that students had about this course that the author taught. I would definitely recommend this book to others.– Tasha via on 08/03/2017


Hats off to Mr. Kowis for his enthusiasm and sense of humor. As an adjunct instructor myself for 5 years, I found Mr. Kowis’ book to be very helpful, especially for those newer to teaching. Kowis engages the reader with a great blend of humor and common sense suggestions. Some ideas are a bit embarrassing, but Kowis admits this is not a one size fits all book. The point is that by engaging and entertaining the student, the student responds and wants to learn and to participate. “Engaging College Students” is an easy read at a very reasonable price, too. I highly recommend it.” – Daniel B. via on 06/02/2017


“This is a quick read and enjoyable. I appreciate the authors willingness to share his tips. Some are a bit obvious, if you have taken any type of pedagogy course. However, it does provide evidence of the importance of student engagement and it is funny.

One important lesson from this book is that teachers do need to keep up with the changing times and be proactive with their own teaching and learning.  Story telling, using names, and being energetic are great examples of what to do, as are correcting students, using relevant and timely examples, and encouraging communication. This is a good text for a newer teacher.” – Julie S. via on 05/01/2017


Some of the author’s anecdotes are hilarious; some are a little disturbing. This book is exactly what it says it is. It is a guidebook for anyone who is currently an educator or anyone contemplating entering the profession. It provides a lot of advice on what to do and what not to do, from the point of view of someone who has learned the “hard way,” making mistakes and achieving successes. It is easy to see from professor Kowis’s enthusiasm that he really enjoys teaching at the college level. For someone who is not currently in the teaching profession, the book is an interesting read, but it is really directed towards classroom educators.”  – John B. via on 02/24/2017


“I teach English as a second language at a university in China, and I am always reading books that deal with education in my ongoing effort to improve myself, stay current in my field, and in general make my classes more fun and productive. Most of the time the material I read is actually not very useful for the particular circumstances of an ESL class. I keep reading because sooner or later I find a book like Engaging College Students: A Fun And Edgy Guide For Professors by Mike Kowis. I can use this book. I learned a lot from it and I can’t wait to put what I learned into action in my classroom. I already do a lot of the things Mike Kowis talks about in Engaging College Students, and I was happy to learn new ideas about how to make my classes interesting without losing control of them.

I like that Mike Kowis has a clear list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to engaging college students. He then goes on to explain in clear and concise language how you should engage. My big takeaway is that humor is OK, even necessary, to keep students’ attention. I knew this deep down in my subconscious, but have trouble putting it into practice because humor is not a big part of my personality. Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide For Professors should be required reading for anyone who wants to step into a classroom and teach college students. It is especially useful to the new teacher and can help him/her develop a style that students will appreciate for years. It is clearly written and very well organized and I was very happy to find a book that I can put into immediate practical use. ” – Ray S. via on 1/29/2017


The author offers practical tips on student engagement and classroom organization. He raises a handful of points in each section and reinforces them by having the reader reflect on how they will implement some of them in their classes.

He acknowledges that some of his suggestions may not work in all situations. But while the reader may not use all of his suggestions, there are at least one or two in each section that will add to both the students’ and the instructor’s classroom experience.

I especially enjoyed his insights on employing the Socratic method in his learning environment (law) and how easily it adapts to Socratic lite in an undergraduate environment. His instructions are easy to follow and well-explained.” – Shelli K. via on 01/12/2017


“This book was an easy read and very informative. Mike’s philosophy of engaging college students can also be used when conducting classes at work. Mike’s sense of humor shines through in this book and some day I want to audit one of his classes for the experience and to witness his strategies first hand.”  – Cheryl G. via on 01/09/2017


After many years of teaching evening classes at a local junior college, I have finally found a prof that loves teaching as much as I do! The enthusiasm this professor has for his students and class material is shown chapter after chapter as he shares tips for retaining a student’s interest. The author’s use of humor, wit, and personal stories keeps you turning pages. This experienced teacher displays an obvious desire for his students to excel. Refreshing and informative!” – Bobbie B. via on 01/09/2017


“A book that is perfect for a first year professor especially at a non traditional college. Mr Kowis helps identify & provide insight on leading the variety of students thru the educational waters. His sharing of what works and what doesn’t for an educator in the current college classroom.” – Robert P. via on 01/04/2017


“I am a former student of Mr. Kowis and I must say that this book brought back pleasant memories of his class for me. Mr. Kowis is an excellent instructor and when I learned of this book I was excited to read it. I must say that I was not disappointed. This is a must read for new instructors and for those that would like to improve their connection and ability to gain and retain student engagement.” – Rebecca F. via on 12/25/2016


“As a new adjunct, I will be using many of the examples given in this text. I hope to be as successful in my teaching career as Mr. Kowis has obviously been. Teaching is not only to be educational, but it is a God given calling to help others through life!!!” – Douglas H. via on 12/16/2016


“A great book for all teachers! I enjoyed learning about Mr. Kowis’ original tips for overcoming the barriers to teaching today’s students with their increasingly short attention spans. He provides real world examples of how to connect to each student as an individual, stimulate their interest in the course material and motivate them to succeed. Similarly to another reviewer, I found myself laughing out loud at many of his amusing anecdotes. I can see why Mr. Kowis is such a popular college teacher!” – BrianShep59 via on 12/09/2016


Very good read! The book offers practical advice and tips to anyone who teaches in a classroom environment. I thought the inclusion by the author of real reviews from his students lended credibility to his teaching methods. You can tell he enjoys his job, and as evidenced by the student reviews, his students enjoy his class and teaching methods too!” – Amazon Customer via on 12/06/2016


“This is a fantastic book! I’ve been thinking about becoming an adjunct teacher and this book provided a great outline on how to make a class successful and fun! The length of the book was perfect and I love the honesty of the author with sharing his success and failures. At the end of the sections, there’s action items to think about/complete, which was really helpful. You won’t regret getting this book!” – Animalgirl518 via on 12/05/2016


“Mike, I just read your new book, Engaging College Students, and I really enjoyed it. I’m not actively engaged in teaching, but I feel that even I picked up some good tips to help me be a better communicator. I applaud your efforts to share you experience with other teachers and I hope your book finds a large audience.” – Steven G. via LinkedIn on 11/29/2016


“A must read for all college professors and inspiring professors. Mike Kowis is hilarious. I was addicted from the first page and couldn’t put it down. A fun, factual and fundamental read. He provides insightful lessons with engaging wit and humor. This book will not disappoint. A perfect gift for any teacher.” – Terrie E. via on 11/26/2016


“Very informative book and easy to read. The author has some wonderful ideas on how to keep your students’ attention during class. I would have been a much better student if my teachers had utilized some of his methods. His use of humor is of great help in teaching, as evidenced by the students’ class evaluations that appear in the book. A fun read!” – Tommie K. via on 11/21/2016


“The four and five star reviews say it all. They are genuine responses to a great little book. I used to teach teachers and university/college lecturers and frankly, I wish I had had this book on hand at the time. I would have recommended that every teacher/lecturer get their own copy. It’s not a text book, but it is a book you will keep on your desk and beside your bed if you teach at this level. I absolutely concur with the other reviewers. This is a five star book. Trust their reviews, they are spot on.” – Sprocket via on 11/20/2016


“As a college student I wish I had a professor like this author. His use of humor, student interaction, and genuine passion for his profession and teaching it to others really shines through. I read this book in just a few hours as I could not put it down. It is well written, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” – Teel H. via on 11/07/2016



“You can’t effectively teach anything to students who are asleep.”

In a breezy, yet highly practical, book on engaging today’s college students, first-time author — but long-time lecturer — Mike Kowis does an outstanding job of showing the “right” way to keep student attention high while imparting important knowledge about a potentially dry subject such as business law — his specialty.

Just like his classes, Kowis keeps the tone of this fact-filled primer deceptively light while delivering uncommon value to anyone who has ever stood before a class full of “show-me” students who, if you don’t fulfill their expectations, will burn you in post-semester critiques.

No worries there for Professor Kowis. These pages are liberally laced with undisguised admiration for his ability to hold his classes in thrall over the course of a three-hour night class.

His 44 practical tips range from ribald to reassuring as he imparts his hard-won wisdom from teaching courses at a major junior college in Texas for fifteen years. They’re practical pearls that can liven up even the most tedious curriculum.

Stepping out of my book reviewer mode, I will share a little insight. Before I began reviewing books, I taught as part of the adjunct faculty at two major universities and a community college. I sincerely wish I had had the benefit of reading Prof. Kowis’ tips before fumbling my way through my first class.

Mike Kowis has written a five-star, articulate guide to what instructors need to do — and not do — to gain respect and admiration from their students. It’s a truly inspiring and yet practical guide for both new teachers and those who have been in front of students on a daily basis for years.

I will add one final evaluation to the dozens outlined in the book. Good job, Mr. Kowis.

— Don Sloan, writing for Publishers Daily Reviews


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