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ECS – Book Timeline


Mike Kowis, Esq., is an unabashed NUMBERS GEEK and a little OCD, so he tends to lay out facts and figures every chance he gets.  In case you are interested, BELOW IS THE TIMELINE for creating, writing and publishing this book.
Buddy, Duke and Me (I'm the tall one)

Spring 2011 – I decided to write a book, but was unsure of the topic. (hmmm …)

November 7, 2012 – I decided to write about my college teaching experiences because I was PASSIONATE about teaching and wanted to SHARE the lessons I had learned during my college teaching career.  To motivate myself to follow through on this goal, I PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED on Facebook that I was writing a book and it would be complete in less than a year. (Can you say “wishful thinking”? Ha!)

Actual FB post is below:

“is WRITING A BOOK about teaching based on my experiences teaching night classes at the local community college during the past 10+ years. It took me a whole year to select a topic to write about, so I’m truly excited to finally begin this book … hope to finish it by Labor Day 2013. So far, I have drafted the first 10 pages (including the outline). I just hope I can see it through to the end b/c I’ve wanted to write a book for many years. Wish me luck!”

November 2013 – Only 57 pages done. Say what? I was a little embarrassed that I failed to meet my one-year goal, but I pressed on. (You can do it!)

November 201480 pages done and then I came down with a bad case of WRITER’S BLOCK. So I enlisted the help of Freelance Editor Geoff SmithGeoff provided some much-needed developmental edits, and soon I was off and running again. (Geoff to the rescue!)

November 2015113 pages done, but WRITER’S BLOCK struck again!  So I went back to Geoff for more developmental edits. (Thanks again, Geoff!)

May 2016 –  160 pages done and the rough manuscript was finally finished! (Can I get an Amen?)

June 2016 – I asked 4 COLLEGE PROFESSORS to review my rough manuscript and give their feedback. (Thank you!)

July 2016 – I hired Geoff for copyediting and then exchanged eight rounds of edits to polish up the manuscript. (Geoff is the best!)

August 2016 – I completed the final book manuscript – hallelujah! I also CREATED THIS WEBSITE and established a social media presence on Facebook (author page), LinkedIn groups, Goodreads, etc.

September 2016 – I hired Derek Murphy from CreativINDIE Covers for the book cover design (Great job, Derek!) and another vendor for the interior formatting and eBook conversion.

November 1, 2016 – AVAILABLE FOR SALE!!! (whoo hoo)


** NOTE **  Soon, I will need to schedule an appearance on the THE TODAY SHOW to talk with MATT LAUER about my new book. (Yeah, right! LOL)


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