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ECS – Table of Contents



Introduction: A Lifetime in the Classroom

PART I: DOs and DON’Ts

Chapter 1: Recipe for Successful Student Engagement

Chapter 2: What NOT to Do!

  1. Don’t Make Fun of Students’ Names
  2. Don’t Keep Your Class Late
  3. Don’t Be Vulgar
  4. Don’t Use Demeaning Language
  5. Don’t Assume Unprepared Students Are Lazy
  6. Don’t Argue with Students in Class
  7. Don’t Allow Students to Dominate Class
  8. Don’t Pass Gas on Students!

PART II: Connecting with Students

Chapter 3: Entertainer

  1. Tell Adult Jokes and Funny Stories
  2. Curse occasionally
  3. Wear a Zany Hat or Costume
  4. Use Crazy Examples
  5. Sing and Dance
  6. Give Praise Often
  7. Perform Skits
  8. Do Magic Tricks
  9. Impersonate Celebrities
  10. Be Energetic

Chapter 4: Coach

  1. Correct Distracting Students
  2. Use Real-World Examples in Lectures
  3. Show Genuine Interest in the Course Materials
  4. Demand Communication
  5. Encourage Students to Speak with Confidence
  6. Encourage Students to Think Big

Chapter 5: Parent

  1. Memorize Each Student’s Name
  2. Ask about Students’ Hobbies and Interests
  3. Include Students’ Names in Lectures and Examples
  4. Contact Absent Students
  5. Praise Students Who Read the Assigned Materials

PART III: Classroom Instruction

Chapter 6: Law Professor

  1. Use the Socratic-Lite Method of Teaching

Chapter 7: Classroom Teacher

  1. Start the Semester with a Fun Icebreaker Game
  2. Never Hide the Ball
  3. Give Bonus Points for the Course Evaluation
  4. Give Candy Bribes to Encourage Attendance
  5. Give an Easy Daily Quiz at the End of Each Class to Reinforce Materials
  6. Use Peer Grading for Daily Assignments and Quizzes
  7. Give Interesting Exams with a Mixture of Question Types
  8. Review Graded Exams in Class
  9. Advise Students to Pre-Read and Attend All Classes

PART IV: Planning a Great Class

Chapter 8: A Roadmap to Success

  1. Create a Concise Syllabus and Course Calendar
  2. Structure the Syllabus around the Textbook
  3. Be Firm but Fair
  4. Be Flexible When Needed and Revise Future Syllabi
  5. Remind Students of Semester Progress



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