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Engaging College Students!


Introducing… Professor Kowis

My name is Mike Kowis, and I’ve been teaching 3-hour night classes at a large community college in Texas for the past 16 years and counting. I love my teaching job, and (more important) my college students seem to love my classes! That is why I’m very excited to announce that my multiple award-winning debut book, ENGAGING COLLEGE STUDENTS: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors, is available for sale now!

Introducing… Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors

This amusing & multiple award-winning guide provides 44 COLLEGE TEACHING TIPS to help any teacher engage students in classroom discussions and encourage them to use critical thinking skills. Unlike other books that discuss college teaching strategies, this book is NOT based on boring pedagogy theories or tedious research data. Instead, this witty guide is BASED ON MY REAL WORLD TEACHING EXPERIENCES and the many lessons I have learned therefrom.


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